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AMSLALALAND STORE is online vintage clothing shop selling handpicked items for men and women. The clothes and accessories are from mainly from 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000 carefully sourced in from vintage stores from around the world.

From years of selling on etsy, depop etc, I've learned that there is of course a lot of this sort of stuff in the world, but I've also learned to fish out only rare or top quality stuff. Which i'm posting here :) 

So watch out for some designer pieces, or genuinely rare items as well,  you can sing up to my newsletter here and remember (my customers are not only girls! )


As a freelance stylist I am fortunate enough to get to travel a lot, and when I do I have always made a little time to scour local vintage and antique shops whenever I go. Its what I love to do.


From years of working in the fashion industry, I have learnt how clothes are made - so I know what makes a quality piece of clothing. I make sure there is no damage or stains on the clothing we choose. Every piece of AmsLaLaLand clothing has been professionally cleaned and doesn't have that second-hand-smell a lot of vintage clothes have. And crucially : unlike other stores I don't order cheap new stuff online and resell it as vintage! Please don't fall into that trap!


I mainly source the clothes from Poland (which is where I’m from) and other parts of Eastern Europe, but you will also see unique finds from random places i've been on my travels, from 90's rave gear from Shimokatazawa in Tokyo to vintage woolens from antiques stores Scotland so lots of places. Any gear with a 'big brand' label is guarenteeed 100% real! If I find a designer garment, go to teh effort of cleaning and restoring it only to discover it is a fake, I do not list it! We genuinely care about authenticity.

DEPOP and ETSY etc
I mentioned I have sucessful stores here also on ETSY or DEPOP (please click those links if you are curious at what else I've got for sale.... But Amslalaland if my primary store and will have all the best (in my opinion) unique items here will posted here first. So much love and care goes into selecting and cleaning all items I sell. And here on this webiste I have full freedom to curate and present these beautiful clothes the way they deserve.

FINALLY, if you have any enquires please use the CONTACT FORM HERE. ...and please sign up to MY NEWSLETTER [HERE] or follow me on INSTAGRAM to keep updated on my newest items for sale!

Thank you again!

Magdalena xx

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